Dasanakandhi Choornam 50mg



A unique Ayurvedic tooth powder used for treating conditions like dental caries, swelling and inflammation of gums, mouth ulcers, bad odor, tooth ache and mouth ulcer. This herbal powder can be used daily to prevent oral diseases.




Dasanakanthi choornam, the most popular Ayurvedic tooth powder which protects the oral cavity. It is widely known and popular for its remarkable efficacy and proven results. Bad odor, mouth ulcers, swelling and inflammation of gums, dental caries, tooth ache, throat pain and anorexia can be cured with regular usage of this herbal tooth powder. The potent herbs like Arimedas, Twak, Yashtietc has powerful anti-microbial properties which helps to prevent all kinds of tooth problems. Regular usage of this tooth powder is favourable in preventing diseases like tooth ache, mouth ulcers, anorexia, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth etc.


  1. Helps to strengthen teeth
  2. Useful in bleeding gums & cavities
  3. Excellent for all ailments of mouth
  4. Controls bad odor, gum inflammation