Gandha thailam 10ml



Gandha Thailam is a highly effective medicated oil used for the treatment of bone injuries, muscular spasm, sprain, tendon injuries, subluxation, dislocation of joints and fractures. It helps to strengthen bones, joints & ligaments and treats arthritis & osteoporosis. It is used externally or internally according to the physician.


Gandha Thailam (Oil) is a classical Ayurvedic formulation made with various potent herbs specially prepared for the treatment of acute injuries, bone fracture, bone inflammations, muscles and joints pain.

Gandha Thailam is very beneficial in the treatment of rheumatic disorders like paraplegia, neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. It strengthens the bones and helps to treat subluxation, dislocation of joints and fractures.

The oil is prescribed for both internal and external use according to the condition as an apt dosage.

The Key Ingredients in Gandha Thailam are:

Patmakadi gana

Improves bone mass & strength.
Treats arthritis & gout.
Treats ligament injuries.
Strengthens the bones.
Treats subluxation & dislocation joints.
Used internally and externally both.
Relieves joint pain & muscular spasm.
Beneficial in neuralgia.

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