June 27, 2020

Who am I?

I had a real crush on Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine recognized by the WHO) in 2016. After more than 25 years as marketing manager, I decided to start as a wellness practitioner. I went to India to perfect my teaching, and since that time, I have been in close collaboration with a Veda (Indian Doctor) from Kerala.

I provide Traditional massages , lifestyle and Food advice according to the precepts of Ayurveda, in order to improve the well-being of my customers.

I graduated from the Chakrapani clinic in Jaïpur (North India) in which I stayed 1 month in total immersion in order to perfect my practice and knowledge of Indian massages.

I work as a wellness practitioner in Pessac and at the Espace Médical Pasteur located in Bordeaux Caudéran.

In parallel, I trained since 2000 in Indonesian martial arts in external and internal practice in which I was able to put in the spotlight, Urrut, traditional Javanese massage.

I also give yoga Asana following the Dosha during an individual fitness meeting.