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Mukhabhyanga massage & Kansu Bowl

Mukhabhyanga massage & Kansu Bowl

Mukhabhyanga massage & Kansu Bowl

Body/Heart/Mind alignment


60 Mins



What is Mukrabhyanga massage?
– realign upper body with lower body
– find an immediate and deep relaxation.
– the massage help the toxins to circulate
(Ama) and revive the digestive fire (Agni) of our metabolism.
Soothing, detoxification and cell renewal
How is this session going?
– A cranial massage in a seated position with Brahmi oil, to find appeasement.
– An elongated massage, half legs, with the Kansu Bowl (alloy of 5 metals) in order to detoxify the body.
-A facial massage with an organic Ayurvedic rose cream.

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