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Weight Loss Support

Weight Loss Support

Weight Loss Support

1 Assessment + 5 Udvartanam treatments


11 Hours



You wish to be accompanied to cross a new stage of your existence, this Ayurvedic Detoxifying cure will know how to meet your expectations.
After an initial consultation which will help us define your Indian constitution, Vata, Pitta or Kapha, you will be provided with the first leads, in particular on your diet, food incompatibilities and a daily well-being routine.
Then we will meet again to begin a series of 5 treatments given 2 or 3 days apart.
The Udvartanam Protocol:
– A massage to allow the rise of toxins
– A massage/kneading with udvartanam powder
– Sweating to evacuate toxins (Ama).
During this mini cure, I will provide you with a detox kit to best support you in this engaged process.
The goal of this cure is to quickly stimulate the metabolism and the benefits of this detoxification will settle gradually and durably.
Do not hesitate to contact me before making an appointment.
A cure over 3 or 7 days is also possible.

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